Why HMicro

A revolution built on a solid, silicon platform

Industry transformations require an enabling silicon platform

Purpose built from deep industry expertise

HMicro understands the rigorous and meticulous demands and impediments for wireless technology for medical applications. And we’ve put our deep industry expertise to work solving for it. Knowing that any effort is only as strong as its weakest link, we’ve purpose-built a complete wireless biosensor platform for the healthcare industry to take innovation and developers to the next level of healthcare technology – a wireless future without compromise.

“Today it is a huge liability for the hospital to miss a disruptive rhythm.”

— Dr. Matt Devane, Cardiologist

Enabling partners to innovate customer-centric solutions

To get there, we enable our business partners from “Platform to Patient.” From the innovative WiPoint single-chip silicon engine through a wearable disposable patch, receiver and gateway devices, our emphasis on providing a medical grade wireless sensor platform enables our partners to create innovative customer and patient-centric solutions. How? We offer partners reference designs that accelerate the development and the commercialization process. We assist in solution build-out. We offer support services to assist with integration. And we have partnered with a leading semiconductor product company and a fast-turn contract manufacturer in Asia in order to be able to supply highest quality products in high volumes ­– all in support of our medical device partners so they can rapidly design and introduce transformative wireless medical systems.

Safe, cost-effective, and seamless solutions

Real healthcare delivery cost and quality challenges – like how to extend monitoring coverage of patients throughout their hospital stay, how to continuously receive physiologic status checks to ensure patients remain stable through transitioning out of a care facility, and how to serve under-equipped rural areas and emerging worldwide markets – require real solutions. Solutions that can safely, cost-effectively, and conveniently replace today’s wired systems in hospitals, clinics, extended care, and home settings. Solving for this is what HMicro is all about.

Reliable, accurate, and secure wireless data

We realize wireless medical device applications need to collect pertinent physiological data reliably and accurately. We know that solutions must be convenient and comfortable for many days. We understand that data needs to move seamlessly and securely. And we recognize that affordability is key to making accessibility a reality. That’s why we have engineered the only single SoC silicon platform with superior wireless sensor technology, upon which groundbreaking monitoring wearables can be built. Today.

Making healthcare better
now and in the future

Together with our partners, we’re making healthcare better. Reliably. Cost-effectively. And securely. Our platform delivers on the promise and payoff of wireless connectivity with wired reliability. Without tradeoffs. Now and in the future.