Why HMicro

The First Silicon Platform to Connect Life

Transforming industries with an enabling silicon platform

Purpose Built, Powered by Deep Industry Expertise

Health, wellness and safety applications present unique challenges for wireless technologies. HMicro applies deep expertise and unique, purpose built technologies to solving them.

And because any initiative is only as strong as its weakest link, we’ve built a complete wireless semiconductor platform to help developers achieve the next level of wireless technology: a wireless future without compromise.

“Today it is a huge liability for the hospital to miss a disruptive rhythm.”

— Dr. Matt Devane, Cardiologist

Rapid Time to Market, Fast Time to Value

We help you jump from concept to working samples in as little as 100 days. So you get your ideas to market quickly, seizing opportunity and market share.

HMicro reference designs, software development tools and APIs guide you through each step to market, from design to production. And our strategic partners offer systems and manufacturing expertise to accelerate your time to value.

From Platform to Connected to Life Applications

HMicro innovation is transforming how health, wellness and safety applications connect to the cloud. This transformation is fueled by our clinical grade wireless sensor platform, including modules, SDK and APIs. And by reference designs that accelerate development and commercialization, and are complemented by integration, build out support and services.

HMicro’s manufacturing partners share our commitment to your success by providing the highest quality manufactured devices. Our semiconductor partner provides support throughout design phases and through production. Our subsystem manufacturer has years of experience in HMicro LSP technology, product design, industrial design and production line set up. The combined expertise ensures you get high quality products in high volumes.

Safe, Seamless and Cost-Effective Solutions

We help life connect to the cloud. It’s a statement of purpose that envisions life signals accurately and reliably shared with providers of health, wellness and safety.

Healthcare is a prime example. We help solve delivery cost and quality challenges, such as how to extend monitoring coverage of patients throughout their hospital stay. We make it possible to continuously receive physiologic status checks, ensuring patients remain stable while transitioning from a care facility. And we help serve under-equipped rural areas and emerging worldwide markets.

HMicro transforms categories such as consumer wellness and worker safety as well. First responders and workers in dangerous professions, such as oil riggers, will have an extra margin of safety when wearing biosensors that capture vital life signals, monitor dangerous gases and inform about other threats.

Reliable, accurate and secure wireless data

The bar is high and the requirements clear: wireless biosensor and wearable device applications need to collect pertinent physiological data mission-critical IOT signals reliably, accurately and securely.

They need to be compact, convenient and comfortable for many days. They must ensure data moves seamlessly and securely. And they must be affordable. HMicro satisfies customer requirements with the only single, highly integrated SoC silicon platform chip. A platform that features superior wireless and sensor technology and other critical functions including application processor, memory, power management and more. It’s the solution connecting life to the cloud, and upon which groundbreaking new wearables and IoT can be built for high volume applications. Today.

Better Lives Today
and Tomorrow

We’re working with our partners to deliver on the promise of life connected – reliably, cost effectively and securely. The HMicro platform delivers wireless connectivity with wired reliability, without trade-offs. Now, and in the future.