The Only Wireless Chipset and Sensor Platform for Health, Wellness and Critical IoT Applications

Life Signal Processors for a Changing Wellness and IoT Landscape

Billions of sensors monitor patients in hospitals and clinics around the world. As healthcare shifts to providing care across a continuum that increasingly extends beyond medical facilities and also homes and workplaces, there is a corresponding shift to more remote monitoring, care and treatment.

Companies developing applications for first responders, seniors and fitness face the same challenges and similar requirements to connect life to the cloud.

HMicro’s multiple sensor LSP platforms are purpose built for the challenges of these environments, and are designed to help customers create new health, wellness and IoT innovations for all types of life related markets – human care, animal care and life IoT products.

“Device revolutions cannot be effective without a robust silicon platform.”

— Surendar Magar, President and CEO HMicro

We Help You Create Next Generation Innovations or Migrate Existing Applications to Wireless

HMicro helps you create next generation health, wellness and IoT monitoring solutions that are continuously connected, comfortable and cost-effective.

We also help you migrate conventional wired systems to wireless solutions, with no compromise in performance or reliability.

Accelerate Innovation with Our Reference Designs

HMicro’s baseline reference designs for sensor patches and receivers help speed your development cycles.

Life Signal Processors Optimized for Wireless Monitoring with Ultra High Reliability

We’ve created a high performance, low energy and low-cost chipset that supports high wireless reliability and multi-parameter nodes and patches. It includes an integrated multi-sensor interface, works for days on a single coin cell battery and is fully disposable.

It features WiFi, MBAN and UWB TX band radios to work in noisy, signal intensive environments and at distances of up to 25 meters.

Narrowband with Ultra Wideband, Untethered Communications

Our hybrid radio architecture of LSP combines narrowband and ultra wideband radios that dynamically switch between multiple modes, reliably maintaining a robust link between sensors and receivers at low energy.

This innovation in hybrid radio technology makes it possible for tens of patients to be wirelessly monitored in crowded areas with high reliability pairing and robust data links. It also fuels the development of new, previously only dreamed about applications, such as for monitoring the vital signs of firefighters and other first responders in signal intense environments.

LSP’s multi-sensor analog/digital programmable interface can be used to connect to a variety of sensor types. For example, it can interface directly with the body to monitor commonly used signals such as multi-lead ECG, SpO2, hydration level, heart and respiration rates. The interface can also be used to connect to various other sensors such as accelerometers, microphones, speakers and environmental sensors. For life monitoring applications, bodies are effectively untethered from leads and cables while maintaining reliable, secure and safe data transmission.

“We integrated power management, DSP, and wireless radio all on a single chip.”

— Ali Niknejad, Chief Technologist HMicro