The only wireless biosensor platform for disposable medical applications

A scalable biosensor platform to serve a vast need

Trillions of dollars are spent globally in treating and monitoring patients in hospitals and clinics where billions of wired sensors are currently used. The increasing prevalence of chronic disease will only drive costs higher. HMicro has produced a scalable biosensor platform to serve the unmet need of this vast industry — the first silicon chip targeted for clinical biosensor applications.

“Device revolutions cannot be  effective without a robust silicon platform.”

— Surendar Magar, President and CEO HMicro

New generation innovation or seamless migration of legacy wired systems

Taking years to develop and implement, biosensing innovation can now come to market faster using our purpose-built silicon platform to build continuous, connected, comfortable, and cost-effective solutions. The WiPoint customizable platform allows OEMs to create needed biosensors and receiver devices for a new generation of healthcare monitoring systems. A receiver reference product has been developed providing capability for migrating legacy wired monitoring systems used in hospital and clinics to wireless sensor use. Desired multi-parameter biosensors communicating with desired receiver devices can now be a reality, without compromise.

Empowering OEMs to rapidly develop products

HMicro has created baseline reference product designs for biosensor patches and receivers to help OEMs rapidly develop their products. Working with our subsystem contract manufacturer or any other, OEMs can commercialize products based on our WiPoint silicon chips and reference designs and ramp to volume quickly.

A platform optimized for clinical grade monitoring

HMicro foresaw that the only way to meet requirements of high volume clinical grade biosensor patches was to produce a single-chip, low-energy, low-cost silicon platform that is specifically optimized for biosensor patch realization. We solved for the stringent requirements of desired biosensor patches — high wireless reliability, multi-parameter patches, multi-day patch operating life on a coin battery, fully disposable and low cost — because consumer grade wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips are simply not up to the challenges of the clinical grade monitoring markets. Include our innovative hybrid multi-mode radio and integrated multi-sensor interface, and we’ve exceeded those requirements.

Ultra wideband, untethering from platform to patient

Our hybrid radio architecture combines narrowband (Wi-Fi and M-band), and ultra wideband (UWB) radios that dynamically switch between multiple modes to reliably maintain a robust link between the biosensor and receiver at low energy. Now, tens of patients can be monitored in wirelessly congested areas. Our sensor interface block can interface directly to the body to monitor commonly used signals such as multi-lead ECG, SpO2, heart and respiration rate, hydration level, etc. Now, multi-parameter wireless biosensor patches using a single platform are realized. We effectively enable the untethering of leads and cables from patient to receiver, while still allowing for reliable, secure and safe data transmission.

“We integrated power management, DSP, and wireless radio all on a single chip.”

— Ali Niknejad, Chief Technologist HMicro