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A complete ecosystem for product development needs

To assist our partners in reducing development costs and accelerating time to market of wireless healthcare innovation, HMicro has developed the WiPoint Platform, comprising a chipset, reference design products, and support tools from which to utilize and build.

“Only Wi-Fi solution on the planet that can operate on a coin battery.”

— Thomas Varghese, VP Engineering, HMicro

The WiPoint Platform

WiPoint Chip

Biosensor disposability, low-power use and wired reliability.

Enables design of various types of biosensor patches and receiver devices designed from the ground up, no other chipset meets all the requirements needed and offers a high level of integration.

  • Intelligent switching between multiband radios for low-power consumption and high link reliability with greater electromagnetic interference (EMI) immunity.
  • Fully configurable multi-channel analog interfaces for high precision acquisition of sensor signals such as ECG (diagnostic/monitoring/ambulatory classes), heart rate, respiration and pulse-oximetry
  • Integrated digital interfaces for peripherals and digital sensors, such as motion and audio, as well as external data storage
  • Onboard programmable application processor core for OEM implementation of clinical algorithms
  • Multi-day power from coin battery in disposable applications
  • Complete on-chip power management system
  • Multi-band/multi-radio wireless support via 2.4GHz 802.11b Wi-Fi transceiver, 2.36-2.4GHz medical-band transceiver, 3.1-10GHz 802.15.6 PHY-based UWB radio
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WiPoint Biosensor Patch

Small form factor, low-power & wearable ready.

Turnkey reference product designs for immediate adoption or to utilize and develop desired custom biosensor patches.

  • Lightweight and unobtrusive form factor that is comfortable for the patient
  • Zinc-Air battery technology with run time of up to 5 days
  • Low cost disposable patch solution is enabled by HMicro’s WiPoint system-on-chip with fully integrated sensor signal acquisition, processing, wireless transmission capabilities, and power management
  • Multi-band/multi-standard radio provides robust and secure wireless monitoring
  • Clinical signal processing and storage capability
  • Wireless connection range of up to 25 meters
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WiPoint Mobile Receiver

On-the-go data storage and communication.

Portable receiver reference product design that can be paired with WiPoint-enabled patches and adapted to form a complete ambulatory solution for remote monitoring.

  • Multi-band/multi-radio provides robust and secure wireless data communication
  • Clinical signal processing and storage capability
  • Portable, lightweight and durable design for ambulatory use
  • Intuitive user interface for efficient patient test set up, operation verification, and patient use
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WiPoint Monitor Receiver

Upgrade existing patient monitors to wireless biosensors capability.

Designed to receive patient monitoring data wirelessly from patches designed with the WiPoint chipset.

  • Receives multi-lead ECG and respiration data wirelessly from a patient-worn biosensor utilizing WiPoint technology
  • Advanced encryption (AES) and key-exchange (ECDH) with a simple and robust pairing mechanism
  • Quick 2-touch pairing scheme with simple WiPoint Biosensor Patch disconnection, reconnection, and turn-off features
  • AC power and battery operation along with LED indicators for On/Off, battery level and wireless link status
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WiPoint Receiver Apps

Reference design application for tablet-based real-time monitoring.

Reference design apps can receive, analyze and display patient data from WiPoint-enabled patches. Flexible for varied patient monitoring use cases.

  • Displays multi-lead ECG and respiration data traces along with heart rate and respiration rate
  • Wi-Fi radio-based robust and secure wireless monitoring
  • Simple 2-touch pairing scheme that finds and connects the desired biosensor patch to the WiPoint App via Patch-ID visual matching by healthcare professional
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WiPoint Development Tools

Rapidly customize WiPoint reference design products with desired hardware and software changes.

Evaluation boards, software development tools, and SDK accelerates the development and implementation of WiPoint software, and inclusion of desired sensor types.

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Consulting Services

Complete hardware and software development services to help our OEM partners innovate and design.

HMicro’s engineering services team has strong expertise in hardware, software and system design and test, and can provide turnkey solutions to match customer requirements.

We’ve partnered with leading high volume manufacturers to support our OEM customers to rapidly move from design to production. We can assist in the development of unique solutions for in-patient ambulatory ECG and other monitoring applications leveraging our relationships with healthcare analytics companies.